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House Cocktails


$10 EACH

THE DUDE Wheatley vodka, Knox Whiskey Works coffee liqueur, oat milk

1898 Woodford Reserve bourbon, Chambord raspberry liqueur, cranberry, lime, mint

MOOD RING LEMONADE PostModern Kore vodka, butterfly pea syrup, pressed lemon, mint syrup, sparkling soda

THE KNOXVILLE KINGPIN Gordon's gin, pressed lemon, mint syrup, sparkling soda

THE 400 BLOCK Wheatley vodka, amaretto, house-made strawberry syrup, pressed lemon, sparkling soda

MAPLE FASHION Old Forester Rye whiskey, organic maple syrup, Angostura aromatic bitters, Reagans' orange bitters, orange twist, Luxardo cherry 

SPLIT 275 PostModern Giniferous gin, St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, pressed lemon, sparkling wine

SPICY WATERMELON MARGARITA Tanteo Habanero tequila, triple sec, lime, watermelon syrup, lime

HEMINGWAY DAQ Plantation 3 star rum, maraschino liqueur, lime, simple syrup, grapefruit

EL JIMADOR SLING El Jimador Silver tequila, Cherry Heering cherry liqueur, Bénédictine D.O.M. liqueur, Naranja orange liqueur, pineapple, pressed lime, house grenadine, Angostura aromatic bitters

THE NITRO BUNNY* $12 PostModern Kore vodka, Café Borghetti espresso liqueur, There Bears Coffee cold brew, oat milk, vanilla syrup (*only available upstairs)

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